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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Of Blades and Foils

Pulled out my foil blanks and resumed work on them. The rudder has a touch of twist in it. I think it's slight enough that I can correct it during the shaping of the foil section. Here it is in outline:

IMG_0598 by davlafont, on Flickr

The daggerboard is still a hair thicker than 22mm. I can't be a perfectionist about this; I must move forward. I know the foil template is based on a 22mm thickness but I think I can get it right regardless. If you look closely you'll see a line along the bottom edge (left). That is the actual measured bottom edge, but I like Simon's technique of leaving a small bit extra that will stay flat. That way the board will be stable when it's flipped over. Of course, he also used a router for much of the rough shaping and I think I might go with a belt sander or plane ( or a combination).

IMG_0599 by davlafont, on Flickr

Little by little this thing will come together.

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