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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Great Goat Gathering 2015

I almost went the whole year of 2015 without sailing my GIS. I sailed on my brother's cruising sloop in August but not in the boat I built.  Thankfully, the goating community pulled me away from suburbia for the second edition of the North American Northeast Great Goat Gathering, Campout, and Whiskey-palooza, 2015.  This year the Gathering was held at Floyd Bennett Field National Recreation Area with sailing in New York City's Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Cap'n Pat Daniels arranged for the fine boaty folks of the Sebago Canoe Club to host us for an evening potluck and a lecture on the Cheasepeake Deadrise class of workboats.  What great fun that was!  The club has been constructing their own Deadrise powerboat as a race committee boat for their dinghy racing series (and for overall good works in Jamaica Bay).

This year we pressed hard to break the world record for most Goat Island Skiffs assembled (herded?) in one place.  It was a close call due to the weather, but Brian Carney pulled up just in time to push us over edge with four--yes, four--GISes.  Huzzah!

Stiff breezes on Saturday gave way to lazy bobbing around on Sunday.  We attempted to mix it up with Sebago's Laser fleet as they raced for series points.  Sadly, the whisper of wind that brought us to the course didn't last and we all floated there staring at each other.  The RC called off the contest and we let the tide bring us back to Floyd.  A good time was had by all.

Chivita visits IAZ,P's home port, Sebago Canoe Club, Brooklyn, NY

The gaunlet is thrown down.  We of the Northeast Herd lay claim to the world record: FOUR Goat Island Skiffs in one place.

More pics will follow when I get off my iPad and onto my computer...