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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shepherding a Goat from Point A to Point B

Today I had the privilege of facilitating the transfer of that most auspicious and storied GIS, I Am Zinea, Pterodactylus, to her new captain, the salty Pat Daniels.  IAZ, P was resting comfortably in Essex, Connecticut, and needed transport to Brooklyn, New York.  Enter yours truly and the ManVan.  We were assisted by fellow GIS captain Paul Hayslett who lives fairly near in Connecticut, and my brother/photographer/sailor Rick.  With four grown men it was insanely easy to lift the hull onto the van roof (additional lumber cross bars fitted for the occasion).  All in all, it was a great day for the Goat Island Skiff community.

3 Goatees: Paul, Pat, and Dave
Yeah, I think it'll work...
Easy peasy!
Proud new captain 
Do we need this too?
Ready to roll
Destination: Brooklyn

Nothing fancy; just right!

Proof that we didn't cheat
Surveying the new home
Adding wheels

Settling in (the bow did get a small saw horse to rest on)

The neighbors

Sailing buds?  Cricket

VERY nice build.  Jimbo's Matinicus Double Ender, Mouse