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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maintenance as procrastination

So, I'm not sailing tonight.  If I had my act together, I might have gone straight from work to a nearby lake and used the longest days to their fullest. I don't have it together like that.

But I've been doing repair work on my dagger board and the time has come to paint it. And just like I did when I built the boat, I wanted to make sure that if I'm opening a can of paint and consuming rollers gloves and such, I want to get the most of it. So I decided to sand the bottom a bit and prep it for coat of paint too.

I have to work outdoors these days which means falling debris and possible rain. I have a 10-foot canopy that can cover half the hull at a time so tonight I have a half painted hull bottom and paint on one side of my board.

This year, I will sail... eventually.