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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

By the way, the wheels visible in the previous photos are my 3-season tires for my wife's minivan. I also spent some time today swapping out snow tires from two cars.

And if that's not enough, I have one eye on my trailer too. I have a concept for making a cradle that can 1) support the GIS hull both upright on its flat bottom and turtle on its gunwales, 2) safely secure the spars and mast and oars and foils and other paraphernalia. My vision is for two bulkheads that will align with the GIS #2 and #4 BHDs and three longitudinal tubes (PVC pipe?) that will span the bulkheads and carry the spars, mast, and oars. I think the fore bulkhead may be more of a locker that can store foils and gear, but the dagger board is so darn big, it might need a space of its own.

IMG_0602 by davlafont, on Flickr

The trailer is a nice size (recall that the mast is only slightly longer than the hull). I'll probably remove the winch post for something more fitted to the GIS hull.

IMG_0600 by davlafont, on Flickr

Not an excessive amount of overhang, but enough that I might need a removable light bar mounted to the hull.

IMG_0601 by davlafont, on Flickr

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