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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let the butchery begin!

WHat good is overly expensive plywood if you don't chop it to pieces?

So, while my family is away on vacation and I have the basement to myself, I commenced to lofting, cutting and gluing as much as I could.  My Dad stopped in to "supervise" and was kind enough to play delivery truck driver for me as I picked up a load of Eastern White Pine for my framing pieces.  The folks at Boards and Beams have a nice stack of decent EWP boards at a very reasonable price.  They were very helpful and will get my repeat business if needed (gun'ls...).

It all starts with lofting the lines onto the panels:

Lofting begins with a side panel

looking forward to the bow

And then you come to the cursing part.  At some point, my methodical process broke down and I missed a measurement.  That mistake took place very early in the marking so I made the vast majority of the marks incorrectly.  Those marks received little nail holes and the nail holes were connected by a very long pencil mark before I found the mistake.  At the aft end I  found my batten forming an odd shape, certainly not fair:

S-curves are not in the plan!

Once I re-checked the measurements, I realized what I had done.  And I cursed.  Then I turned off the lights and watch a movie.

I would go on to correct the matter, but it was a little unnerving to have made such a silly mistake since I thought I was being so careful, checking off the measurements on the plan sheet as I went along.  ANyway...

I spent the following day outdoors, building a cutting table, buying lumber (thanks again Dad) and cutting parts that I correctly marked.  Since my dad was so busy supervising, there are few photos.


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