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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Much lumber was turned to sawdust as I cut the frame members from the EWP boards I scored.  Each bulkhead has four sides to frame, but each is different as to how their frames fit: front face, back face, both, etc.  Saturday ended with multiple gluing parts settling in for the night.

Video parlor-turned-glue-factory

Your humble author also settled in with a summery libation called a Ferrari (one part Amaretto, two parts dry vermouth):

Ferrari: very refreshing!

The following day found no mis-steps or disasters and so we pressed on.

The plan calls for the bottom's buttstraps to be sized based on the finished dimensions of the centercase, but the center case can take different dimensions based on the builder's choices.  So I made my choices, including the addition of outdoor carpeting as a liner based on recent forum discussions.  Those discussions also led my to substitute hardwood in two places where the centercase sees abuse from the centerboard.  Finally, there were bulkheads that needed to be flipped and frames applied to their opposite sides, and the tiller/rudder box assembly.  Oh yeah, I really wanted to get the hull bottom assembled while I still had the basement free  from video game zombies...

Centercase with oak inserts

Back yard-turned-glue-factory

Two halves of a rudderbox

The factory keeps churning...

The libation for this day was an old standard, a classic go-to beverage: Agua Pura con Hielo

Ice water cures ALL

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