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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's the little things...

...that add up to hours.  So now that my bulkheads are mostly done, they need cleaning up (epoxy ooze and drips) and several of them need their edges bevelled to very specific angles per the plan.  Each frame is located with the future bevel in mind and some of my frames wandered a little during gluing.  I'm pretty sure it will all come together fine.

Today I also took the time to chop up the numerous inwale spacers that will fit between the inwale and the hull sides.  Simon in Florida detailed his technique in his blog using a plunge router to achieve a curved edge:

I don't have that sort of set-up.  But I do have a router in a bench (now...) and came up with another way to skin this goat.  Using a 3/8" radius round bit, I ran the board through edgewise on both edges.

Then I chopped the board into slices that will match the width of the inwales.  It's hard to say exactly how many are required because everyone has approached this detail differently.  Basically, each side is close to 17' long and the spacer-to-gap ratio is about 1:1.  But exactly where each spacer is placed to coordinate with bulkhead side arms and the knees fore and aft has been interpreted differently by each builder.  So here's a stack that I'll start with.  If needed, I can make more.

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