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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

No pics tonight but I got some good progress done this weekend.  I finished beveling the various bulkheads and got three wet-on-wet coats on one face of all of them and the centercase and rudder cheek interior faces.  I did all of the faces that are hidden from view to get some practice/experience with rollers and brushes.

I spent quite a bit of time contemplating the tiller/rudder box. I ordered pintles and gudgeons rather than the single rod set-up the designer prefers.  That requires a larger transom slot than the plan calls for to accommodate lifting the pintles out of their gudgeons.  I spent some time deciding how to go about that.

While messing with the tiller/rudder box, I found that the spacer portion of the box (what in my mind I'm calling a stem piece) set into its epoxy slightly askew such that the two cheeks will not be parallel when the two halves come together.  It's slight enough that gluing the two halves together can correct the angle.  But I'm going to ensure that through careful sizing of the tiller's aft most spacer block.  I'm also seriously considering reinforcing the box with plywood along the tops of the existing frame members.  I'm already skeptical about the utility of the aft bolts that are flush mounted from the inside.  They're in there now, but I wouldn't be opposed to cutting them off if I provide a different strengthening solution.

I also laminated some pine together for the stem.

Finally, I paid some more attention to my oars.  Lots of sawdust, but still only a rough shape...

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