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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Taking the Next Step

The next step was to turn the hull over (a family affair!) and install the bottom.  I set the three corner back on supports again, checked the level (which is when I noticed that BHD3 was not quite) and began planing down the chine logs.  Planing wood is a very satisfying task; everyone should plane some wood.

I used my trusty belt sander to finish off the chine logs and to level things out.  The hull bottom came next and confirm that things were fitting properly.  I marked off the frame locations on the bottom so I could be sure to screw into the frames.  Bag o' screws?  Check.  Bag o' pads?  Check.  Let the screwing begin!

As per plans, I then unscrewed half the panel, spread on the goo, and closed her up.

After a few days of curing, I hit the edges with the planes to trim the bottom to the sides.  Mmmm, planing.

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