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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Worst Goater ever?

Wow.  I suck at actually using my Goat Island Skiff.  It's been a full year since my boat has been on the water in the shadows of The Big Apple.  I guess that's why I didn't BUY a boat...

Since that epic mission I've busied myself with a million other distractions including: helping IAZ,P find her new home; the purchase and partial assembly of a new trailer; the listing of my house for sale; the long overdue sale of my old car; the research, hunting, and purchase of a used Jeep Patriot for my teenage daughter, and participating in the Around Long Island Regatta on the sloop Flor D'Luna:

One Goaty thing I've been doing is organizing The Great North American Northeast GIS Gathering of 2014 to be held in late September on Seneca Lake in New York State.  If THAT doesn't generate a good blog post, I don't know what will.

Another Goaty thing I've been doing is continued participation in the online GIS community (lots of new Goats in 2014!), especially the crowd sourcing discussion and design of a hollow boxed boom.  In a valiant attempt to remain a boat builder, I will attempt to do a good quality but accelerated build of my own version of a box boom.  More details will follow in the next post (or two, or three...).

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