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Friday, June 7, 2013

SPLASH, pt. 2 (literally...)

The rains let up long enough for me to rig the boat and take her for a spin.  Winds were out of the North (typical) at about 10-12 knots, with the occasional puff.  I put in a single reef, which reduces my sail area by about one third of the luff's length.  That proved to be insufficient reduction...

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  1. Looks great under sail! Goat is a powerful beast so you have to be quick to head up or sheet out. Hard to recover once you go over far enough to be dragging the boom. Gotta be on the rail if it's gusty. Hiking on the rail lets me carry the first reef up to about 15kn but it gets a little hairy if it's gusty. I don't have hiking straps but hooking a foot under the mid seat has been working pretty well.