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Saturday, June 29, 2013

On the River

After hours on Saturday, Cap'n Paul graciously volunteered to be guinea pig crew as I took Chivita out two-up for the first time.  The breeze was fresh so we put in a single reef so as not to embarrass ourselves or the GIS community in front of hundreds of boat watchers that beautiful afternoon.

Chivita's first taste of brine

We decide to step then launch

PFDs on

GoPro camera on

First use of oars (no leathers yet)

She pulls into the wind just fine

We find ourselves smack in the middle of a very busy channel and search for a spot in the mooring field upwind to hoist the rig.   The wind was strong enough to give us concern about how quickly we can set sail.

Underway, I wrestle with temporary tiller extension.

This way...

That way...

40 minutes later and we're ready to call it.  In this pic we've made the decision to heave to and douse the rig and row back to shore rather the run down wind and do a beach assault landing.  This time...

Better safe than wet.

The Goaters return.  Paul has not yet sailed his GIS this season, so is happy to get out on the water in any GIS.

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