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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bow Part 1

The instructions mention that it might be a good idea to cap the point of the bow with a strip of hardwood to provide protection for the end grain of the plywood sheets.  But it's given as a suggestion because the strength of the design and the use of fiberglass tape mean one can do without.  I'm doin' it.

One of the things I like about the GIS is how many individual touches I've seen builders use to make their boat unique.  The bow eye is an example where some interesting variations have popped up.  When I saw Paul Hayslett's Beautiful black boat in person at Mystic last summer, I fell in love with the Seadog bow eye he installed.  It actually took some time to find (West Marine was my source).

I give you now, Bow Part 1 (Parts 2 through x are yet to be created...)

Another significant leap of faith...

A little adjustment later...

My plan is to bring the cap/false stem to a blunt point--rounded enough for fiberglass tape to mold over smoothly--except around the bow eye where i will blend the wood to match the base.  That's the plan anyway...

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