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Thursday, May 5, 2011

shaving sticks

No photos right now, but I'm progressing with the various spars. 

My yard pieces are all bevelled for the scarf joints.  I really got into the grrove with my plane and made quick work of the rough angle I cut with a table saw.  Although the forum discussion consensus is that the full lenth in the plans is not so critical, it's possible that could make a difference in how far I can stretch the head of the sail.  Since I don't know how my Dacron will react, I'll play it safe by building the full length yard and that means scarfing a small extension on the ends.

My mast staves are now shaved clean of the "rails" I left in place.  I started by planing, but that was super tedious and I had about 64 liner feet of rails to remove.  After doing one 6-foot board with a plane, I set up the table saw and knocked the rest out in no time.  Yay table saw, again.

I have six scarf joints to make for the mast, which means twelve bevels of thin but wide staves.  Once that's done, I'll be ready to glue all the scarfs.  Then taper the mast staves... then assemble the parts into their respective spars...  then taper the yard and boom...  and so on...

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